Eppendorf at Biotechnica 2011

Biotechnica has a reputation as one of the busiest trade fairs for biotechnology and life sciences in Europe and it seems highly likely that Eppendorf are going to have one of the busiest stands at this year’s ‘Biotechnica 2011’.
Eppendorf, a trusted and significant name in high-quality laboratory equipment design and manufacture, is taking the opportunity to launch two new products, both of great interest to the research and commercial laboratory communities. Eppendorf’s new BioSpectrometer is a remarkably versatile instrument capable of both routine applications, such as nucleic acid and protein quantification and highly complex molecular biology procedures.
The BioSpectrometer is also available in the ‘Kinetic’ version, which features a temperature-controlled (20-42ºC) cuvette holder, that expands the instruments use into the investigation of enzyme and substrate kinetics. Innovative, compact, with full onboard guidance and data processing, the Eppendorf BioSpectrometer packs a lot of functionality in a very small footprint.
Microinjection procedures, like enucleation, are now integral to many developmental and cell biology stides. Accuracy at this scale is obviously vital and the Eppendorf PiezoXpert, being unveiled at Biotechnica 2011, is designed to make piezo-assisted manipulations as accurate and as reproducible as possible.
With direct transmission of the piezo impulse, triggered either through a foot control or on the control box, confirmed with optical feedback and a ‘self-test’ during warm up optimum performance is always guaranteed.
Plus, visitors to the this years Biotechnica Eppendorf stand will also be able to see the three winners of their innovative ‘Pippette Stand’ design competition. It is good to see a company of Eppendorf’s standing thinking about both today’s and tomorrow’s laboratory requirements.