Elga Lab water

ELGA is the world’s leading producer of laboratory water systems and products; for more than fifty years, ELGA is the name that laboratories all over the world have looked to for water purification device solutions. This is for the world renowned quality of ELGA lab water systems as well as for their focus on the customer.

The company provides their customers with laboratory water purificationsystems which are cost-effective, user friendly and use the latest in water purification technologies, all backed by top quality service and expert advice. All ELGA laboratory water purification systems customers receive a level of support and service which is unrivaled, thanks to the company’s more than 600 service centers all over the globe.

Many different grades of purity and volumes can be produced with ELGA water purification systems, with a laboratory water system ideally suited for applications including washing laboratory glassware to molecular biology. ELGA also produces customized central pure water systems to meet the demands of larger laboratories which require very high volumes of purified laboratory water.

Every ELGA water purification device is produced in compliance with ISO 9001 standards and to even higher specifications: the company’s commitment to providing its customers with the highest quality water purifications systems available.

ELGA is constantly engaged in applied research and development to continually advance the state of the art and deliver new purification technologies to the scientific, medical and manufacturing communities. The company has made advances in electrical deionization, ion exchange, reverse osmosis and ultra-filtration technologies – and continues to forge ahead to provide the next breakthroughs in water purification.