Dionex Corporation

Dionex has been at the heart of chromatography for more than 30 years and has built up not only a wealth of experience in that time, but also developed a real passion for science.

Power and productivity are at the heart of all Diomex equipment, offering technological strengths and the very latest developments to help boost scientific analysis in a wide range of operations and sectors.

Having been at the forefront of chromatography for several decades, new breakthroughs are being made by Dionex all the time. New discoveries and machines in ultra high performance liquid chromatography are increasing productivity, offering higher accuracy results and making the whole analysis process much smoother and quicker.

Dionex is dedicated to perfection in chemical analysis and works hard to empower scientists in their work, whether they are analysing water quality or separating the complex molecules in human tissue.

Equipment and its uses

The wide range of high performance liquid chromatography and ion chromatography solutions includes the award-winning UltiMate 3000 UHPLCsystems and many powerful innovations and developments. This is supported by the Chromeleon Chromatography Management software to control and automate the instruments and provide data management, security, reporting processes and set-up and validation.

Dionex products are used throughout the world in a whole range of sectors, such as government agencies, research institutions, company labs and university departments where they are instrumental in chemical analysis, sample preparation and laboratory automation. Environmental, life sciences, food and industrial sectors all benefit from the range of products, which are all designed, developed and manufactured under a registered ISO 9001 Quality System.

In the environmental sector, Dionex chromatography equipment is used to assess water quality and pollution levels, in life sciences companies the systems are vital in drug discovery and development and for analysis of biological samples, power, petrochemical and electronics manufacturers make the most of Dionex tools to measure quality and food producers need chromatography to analyse ingredients and reduce contamination.

Company information

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, Dionex shares trade on NASDAQ under the symbol DNEX and the company has international subsidiaries throughout Europe and the Far East.