Determining Hydrogen Adsorption Capacity Of Powders And Porpus materialsUsing Porosimetry

27th May 2015

Quantifying the hydrogen storage capacity of new materials is a key technology for predicting the performance in a fuel cell or hydrogen storage device. The Micromeritics ASAP 2020 is a flexible gas adsorption analyzer capable of measuring the hydrogen adsorption capacity of powders and porous materials.

The ASAP 2020 software has been enhanced to address the needs of fuel cell and hydrogen storage researchers. The following enhancements were introduced in Version 3 of the ASAP 2020 software:

Absolute pressure dosing for non-condensing probe molecules like hydrogen.

New isotherm reports that include the weight percent of hydrogen adsorbed and the Pressure

Composition Isotherm that is frequently used by hydrogen storage researchers.

Calculated Free-space options to reduce analysis time, improve precision, and minimize exposure to interfering gases like helium.

A successful hydrogen adsorption analysis requires proper…..