The ACHEMA Exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany, is the world’s largest and most respected international forum for professionals in the chemical engineering and process industries. 2012’s conference – to be held between 18 and 22 June – represents the 30th International Exhibition Congress on Chemical Engineering, Environmental Protection and Biotechnology. For both visitors and exhibitors alike, this represents an important and unique opportunity to network and interact with potential suppliers, clients … and competitors!

Held every three years, the last ACHEMA event in 2009 boasted 3,763 exhibitors and over 173,000 visitors – and registrations for this year’s exhibition already indicate that ACHEMA 2012 will be bigger and better than ever before. Local industries are well represented, but the event’s organisers are already reporting an exciting increase in international exhibitors from India, China and Eastern Europe.

With this year’s programme offering over 900 lectures, you can be sure of engaging and informative discussion on a range of process engineering, pharmaceutical production and biotechnology topics – from the latest studies and research to current and practical industrial applications.

Event organisers expect ACHEMA 2012 to see a notable emphasis on sustainable resources and energy. Developments in energy storage technologies hold particular relevance for those in the energy-intensive chemical industry. Ongoing advances in renewable energy and biotechnology processes also herald complex and exciting developments in both technology and equipment.

As in previous years’ events, considerable exhibition space will be given over to the realms of laboratory and analytical techniques at ACHEMA 2012. You can look forward to exhibits and lectures on laboratory facilities and equipment, planning and processes – including but certainly not limited to: equipment for chemical and physical analysis, including sample preparation; dosing and weighing techniques; chromatography and spectroscopy; environmental analysis and surface analysis; laboratory automation and diagnostics.

The ACHEMA event is organised by the DECHEMA Society for Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology. Founded in 1926, this non-profit organisation has over the years developed a unique insight into the chemical and biotechnology fields from the perspective of scientists and engineers, industry and government, while also looking after the interests of the public. As such, it has an unprecedented vision that is best demonstrated by the business, learning and networking opportunities presented to both exhibitors and visitors by the ACHEMA exhibition.