The Cole-Parmer Instrument Company Ltd is a supplier of scientific instruments and laboratory equipment to customers located in every part of the world. For years, the company has been well known for the solutions it provides to the educational, healthcare and research sectors in the UK, the USA and beyond.

Cole-Parmer is ISO 9001: 2000 certified and is fully committed to offering every one of its customers the highest quality of products and services with a dedication to customer satisfaction which doesn’t end at the point of sale.

The company manufactures and supplies a wide variety of scientific instruments and laboratory apparatus including a range of hand refractometerand portable refractometer instruments, a digital pH tester range, a dissolved oxygen meter and dissolved oxygen probe range, a line of laboratory water bath products including a water bath shaker range and laboratory staples like a lab hot plate, lab shaker and laboratory stirrer line. The company also provides a wide range of pumping solutions for labs and other processes and these include laboratory pumping products and Diaphragm Vaccum Pumps. In fact, their range is just too long to list here, but Labface features many of their products including benchtop ovens, symmetry balances and laboratory freeze dryers.

Cole-Parmer believes in providing more than just high performance, high quality products, but services which add value to its product ranges. The company offers free technical support, traceable certificates and OEM private label and custom designed instruments which meet the needs of its customers perfectly.

The expert scientists, engineers, sales staff and manufacturing personnel at Cole-Parmer are all dedicated to providing the solutions which their customers need on time and at a level of performance which exceeds expectations, backed by the best customer service available anywhere.

It’s a level of commitment to customer satisfaction which makes Cole-Parmer truly stand out; and the reason why the company’s customers wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else for the scientific instruments their laboratory applications rely on.