Cleaver Scientific Ltd

Cleaver Scientific Ltd may be a comparitive newcomer, but its staff has many years of experience in the laboratory and manufacturing environments among them. The Rugby, UK based company specializes in bringing expertise and excellence in electrophoresis to users in the life sciences.

The mission of the company is and has been to be the world’s premier designer, producer and supplier of electrophoresis products and related materials and an industry-leading innovator in the electrophoresis industry. With the extensive experience in electrophoresis product design, manufacture and support possessed by the management of Cleaver Scientific to draw upon, the company has made great strides towards this goal in a mere two years.

An ISO9001:2000 accredited company; Cleaver Scientific has already become the name to watch for high specification and high performance at low costs. Cleaver’s product range includes protein electrophoresis and DNA electrophoresis equipment, electrophoresis power supply units, dry bathsystems, radiation protection equipment, electroblotters, a gel dryer range and gel documentation equipment.

Whether designing, producing or supporting gel drying products, cellulose acetate electrophoresis systems or any of their other products, Cleaver Scientific emphasizes the customer in everything they do. The company takes its commitment to their users very seriously and takes pains to ensure that their customers receive the very highest quality in electrophoresis products and unparalleled service.

Cleaver Scientific Ltd. follows a business model which takes the principles of the ISO9001 and ISO 140001 to heart; it’s the core of their consumer driven approach to the development and support of their range of electrophoresis equipment, their commitment to regulatory compliance, their devotion to preventing errors in their management and production systems and their dedication to environmental standards.

Cleaver sets a high bar for itself, because this is a company which believes that its customers deserve the best products available and continual improvement for the benefit of Cleaver Scientific Ltd, their customers and the scientific and medical communities.