Choline Determination Using YSI Analyser

20th July 2015

This application note describes the simple and effective use of the YSI Biochemistry Analyser for the determination of choline.

The hardship found in obtaining an accurate measurement of choline concentration in complex matrices can be easily solved by using the fast and effective YSI 2900 series biochemistry analyzer. The device is specifically designed to achieve exact results while remaining unhindered by potentially difficult factors such as reducing substances, density, pH, turbidity and colour.

The method boasts an easy procedure and requires a sample to be measured and then injected in to the sample chamber. Once injected, calibration of the YSI 2900 Biochemistry Analyzer causes the choline to diffuse in to the membrane. The membrane contains choline oxidase which instantly oxidises the choline into peroxide hydrogen. Amperometrically, the peroxide hydrogen is quickly identified at the platinum electrode surface.

The current flow at the electrode is measured to be directly proportional to the hydrogen peroxide which results in the choline concentration. Further calculations can be used to measure the choline concentration in diluted samples.