ChemoMetec A/S

In its short history, ChemoMetec A/S has seen a lot of growth and the company continues to grow to this day, with further expansion already in the planning stages. The company provides research institutes, academic institutions and healthcare facilities with the analytical measurement technologies they need to advance patient care and the state of medicine and the life sciences as a whole.

Among the company’s flagship products are the NucleoCounter range offlourescence microscope instruments; these cell analyzer systems provide quick and accurate cell counting for users in the biotechnology and life sciences sectors as well as in the food and beverage production industries. ChemoMetec’s instruments continue to raise the bar for the determination of the chemical composition of liquids and particle counting and the company’s products are rapidly becoming the brand of choice for end users and distributors alike.

ChemoMetec’s goal is to make it easier and more cost effective for end users to perform complex analyses. The company aims to continually improve the functionality and performance of their products by incorporating the latest measurement and analytical technologies to provide their users with all in one systems which address their needs through innovative design.

The primary focus of the company is the analysis of liquid materials in the life sciences, although ChemoMetec also produces analytical measurement instruments for use in quality control and production processes in the food and beverage industries, the pharmaceutical sector and other industries including agriculture. ChemoMetec is committed to allowing the needs of their users to drive research and product development. With a dedication to producing new and innovative solutions which allow end users to improve production processes, make breakthroughs in healthcare and pharmaceuticals and to advance scientific discovery, ChemoMetec is a company which looks towards meeting the challenges of the future while never losing sight of the needs of their market in the here and now.