CEM has been leading the way in microwave related technologies since the 1980’s and are the largest provider of global microwave laboratory products and systems.

With over 35,000 products sold around the world, CEM provide leading edge design and groundbreaking technology to academia, research and numerous industries.

With over 300 patents to our name, CEM are an established manufacturer and innovators in microwave assisted products. In fact CEM have introduced 20 new products to the market in the last 5 years and these are helping in the development of new compounds, as well as playing a significant role in drug research, life sciences and other related pharmaceutical studies.

CEM also offer a state of the art fat and moisture content analyser called the SMART Trac which utilises NMR to deliver fast results. With precision rates of 0.01% this is a user-friendly system for all fat and moisture content requirements.

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