Cellular Research Gets the XL Treatment

Are you an ‘X Factor’ fan?

Yes? Well now it is time to move up and get the ‘XL Factor’ because Molecular Devices have released the XL model of the ImageXpress® Micro System.

Molecular Devices are already established as a leader in the design and manufacture of bioanalytical systems for a wide range of cellular researchapplications in medicine and the life sciences. With the ImageXpress® Micro XL System Molecular Devices have built upon the success of their ImageXpress Micro Widefield High-Content Screening System, but can now offer dedicated researchers a staggering three fold increase in the size of sample area.

This means that statistically relevant results can be produced in a third of the previous time, so it is no surprise that Jennifer McKie, Senior Marketing Director in BioImaging, sounds more enthusiastic than Simon Cowell discovering the new Madonna:

“The launch of the ImageXpress Micro XL System is a shining example of Molecular Devices’ ability to support researchers’ efforts to run more screens and perform hit selection faster. Whether you are searching for rare events or investigating multifaceted cell signalling pathways, we are excited to offer three times the data points per image to decrease your time to perform cellular and high-resolution screens.”

Certainly the evidence seems to support their claim that the ImageXpress® Micro System is now the most flexible widefield, high-content screening (HCS) system on the market. State-of-the-art detectors and sophisticated 10,000 hour plus illumination combine to allow users to capture three times the number of objects per image compared with conventional HCS.

This means far less time spent ‘tiling’ large sample-spanning objects, more time for cellular research! Plus there are additional savings thanks to the new MetaXpress® 4 Software; end result: acquisition and analysis rates of greater than 10 million cells per hour. You will also find that assay window and reliability are further enhanced with a 3-log dynamic range and <5% CV for intensities right across the plate.

As Jennifer McKie says: “We believe these enhancements ensure researchers are equipped with the latest high content imaging technology to be at the forefront of drug discovery and cellular research.”

Thank you very much, Molecular Devices. Oh and by the way, if your answer to the ‘X Factor’ question was ‘no’ – don’t worry. It just means that you have discrimination and judgement, so Molecular Devices’ ImageXpress Micro XL System is just right for you too.