Cecil Instruments Ltd

Since its founding in 1968 by Cecil Tarbet, Cecil Instruments has been known as a leader in HPLC analysis, ion chromatography and spectrophotometer single beam technologies. One of the few independently owned British manufacturers or scientific instruments, Cecil Instruments has maintained its independence by always being ahead of the game.

Their ranges of modular HPLC systems, UV/visible spectrophotometers and ion chromatography systems have made them a trusted name in laboratories. Companies who want products for food analysis or to analyse the properties of beverages can trust Cecil Instruments for this application. Their Adept range also expands to provide hplc column heater products and HPLC autosampler devices.

The company has a well-earned reputation for reliable scientific instruments of the highest quality and innovative product development which have won the confidence and loyalty of users.

They has always been the industry leader in scientific instruments. They were the first company to produce a commercially available HPLC method visible wavelength UV/visible detector. They were also the first to manufacture a commercially available, variable wavelength UV/Visible detector for HPLC.

The earliest generations of Cecil Instrument products were made at Mr. Tarbet’s home; the garage, garden shed and spare rooms were pressed into service as research and production facilities. Before long, these limited facilities were no longer equal to meeting the rapidly growing demand for Cecil Tarbet’s scientific instruments and the company relocated to larger and larger facilities.

In 1974, the company decided to move to a purpose built facility. The company secured an industrial development certificate and got to work building the first purpose built scientific instrument manufacturing facility to be seen in Cambridge for many years. With this certificate, Trinity College was also able to begin developing the Cambridge Science Park.

Since the new facility was built, Cecil Instruments continued its rapid growth, quickly achieving worldwide market penetration and becoming one of the biggest names in the scientific instrument industry.

The company has managed to dominate the market through the exacting specifications of their manufacturing process, the low cost of operation and maintaining their instruments, their easy installation, unparalleled performance, modular design and above all, the experience and customer-friendly approach of Cecil Instrument’s staff. The same customer service is always on offer if you are purchasing a double beam spectrophotometer a reflectance product, a UV spectrophotometer or would like to discuss a bespoke package.

Cecil Instruments is committed to continual product development to provide its customers with the very latest in innovative design and next-generation scientific instruments. Whether it’s an autosampler or a full IC system the company has a long history of firsts and is poised to continue to be one of the industry leaders well into the future.