Brookfield Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

Brookfield Engineering is the leading firm in the field of viscosity measurement and Brookfield’s rheometers are synonymous with accuracy and the highest standards of performance.

A more recent addition to the company’s offerings are a range of texture analyzer instruments, offering Brookfield customers worldwide the capability to make even more detailed analysis of foodstuffs, chemicals and a nearly endless variety of other substances and to predict their behavior. The company’s instruments are renowned for providing data which assists in improving quality control and production processes in a broad spectrum of industries and research applications.

With more than 75 years of experience in the field of viscometry, no one knows viscosity measurement like Brookfield Engineering and their expertise shows in every viscometer and texture analyzer they produce. Brookfield has built their business on a dedication to providing their customers with the solutions they need at the lowest possible cost without compromising quality or performance. It’s this approach which has made Brookfield Engineering instruments the gold standard – and why there are more of this company’s instruments in use in quality and process control departments around the world than any other brand of viscosity measurement instruments. Wherever viscosity or texture analysis is necessary, there’s probably a Brookfield Engineering viscometer or texture analyzer at work, providing accurate and reliable results every time.

The company produces analog and digital rheometers and viscometers for the laboratory, including programmable models as well as a range of in-tank, in-line, flow through and probe style process control rheometers. Every Brookfield viscometer uses the proven rotational technique of determining viscosity by measuring the torque needed to maintain a constant speed of rotation in a spindle submerged in the substance being tested. It’s the most reliably accurate method of viscosity analysis – and Brookfield Engineering’s instruments hold to this standard in order to provide their customers with the accuracy they’ve come to expect of this company over the last 75 years.