Biopharma Process Systems

Established in 1989, Biopharma Process Systems (BPS) have rapidly become a top UK supplier of laboratory and production equipment for a wide range of pharmaceutical, biotech and other scientific organisations.

By working with top international suppliers such as SP Scientific, PennTech Machinery Corporation, M&O Perry and Bee International, the company is able to offer clients in the UK and Ireland a variety of equipment that addresses real problems and provides real solutions over a range of applications.

Their approach though is to be more than a simple supplier of goods and equipment. Instead they offer a fully integrated support and advice service based on their 20 years experience in the processing and research industries. And because products are initially sourced carefully clients already know they are getting equipment chosen with efficiency, and low consumable/reagent consumption, in mind.

For example BPS provides a comprehensive number of options for freeze-drying and related technologies. These include benchtop models, research/scale up equipment and full-scale production equipment. They support this, not just with a service department of experienced engineers, but an on-site R&D facility and consultancy service.

Similarly, they supply rotary and external vial washers suitable for both the largest biotech or international pharmaceutical company and the smallest academic department or start-up company. And because of their in-depth knowledge they make sure clients are never left without the right assistance and advice.

This is why Biopharma Process System’s rapidly expanding client base includes organisations as diverse as the National Blood Service, Cancer Research UK, GSK, University College London, Pfizer and Southampton University.