Biochrom Ltd

Founded in 1970 and originally known as Biocal, the company now known around the world as Biochrom Ltd began in St. Albans, UK as a dealer and later a manufacturer of amino acid analysers, a product range for which the company is well known.

Biochrom was acquired by LKB in 1972, becoming LKB Biochrom Ltd. The company relocated to the renowned Cambridge Science Park in 1974, the second of many leading UK scientific technology firms to make their home at the new facility.

The company purchased LKB and became part of the Pharmacia group of companies as it continued to grow. In 1982, Biochrom branched out from amino acid products, introducing its famed Ultrospec spectrophotometer range. Over the years, the company has added many industry leading products to both its amino acid analysis and UV Vis spectrophotometerproduct ranges and has earned a reputation for the consistently high quality of its scientific instruments.

Biochrom was acquired in 1999 by Harvard Apparatus Inc, a part of Pharmacia & Upjohn, the company’s name changing to Biochrom Ltd.

We now produce the sophisticated Libra and WPA ranges of UV visible spectrophotometers as well as the Asys and Anthos line of microplate washerinstrumentation products and Biochrom Amino Acid Analyzers. Biochrom products are sold everywhere in the world through our international distribution network and are used in a wide range of applications by customers in the life science, clinical and industrial sectors.

Biochrom has been able to grow and thrive while still keeping the attention to detail and service which a smaller company can offer. We employ about 100 people who research and develop, manufacture, market and administer our product range.

We’re dedicated to developing and introducing new and innovative solutions driven by customer need and staying the world class company we are today through this commitment to innovation and openness to partnering with other companies to pursue technical and commercial opportunities.

Biochrom’s mission is to continually improve our products, our manufacturing processes and our service to allow us to continue doing what we’ve always done: exceeding the expectations of our customers.