Biochemistry Analyzer Gives Cutting Edge Performance

It is perhaps slightly pretentious to talk about quantum shifts in scientific instrument manufacture, but the 2900 Biochemistry Analyzer just launched by YSI does brilliantly typify everything we have come to expect in well-designed modern laboratory equipment.

The YSI 2900 is an easy-to-use, affordable and reliable approach to the rapid (<1min) automated measurement of glucose, glutamine, glutamate, lactate, xylose, methanol, ethanol, sucrose, lactose, galactose, hydrogen peroxide and choline.

It is light, compact, with an admirably small footprint, and a modular design that equips it for future expansion. Control is via a large touch screen with the type of icon-driven menu – available in eight languages – whose use has become second nature to today’s researcher.

However, cutting-edge design is nothing without performance to match and here YSI has drawn on over 60 years of experience in scientific instrument manufacture, including the production of the world’s first commercial whole-blood glucose analyzer, to produce an automated biochemistry analyzer that combines expertise and innovation.

This results in a machine that does not use additional reagent packs – just the reagents that are needed for testing – and has an integrated auto sampler (handling between 1 and 96 well sample plate) that replaces the need for, and cost of, a multi-sample turntable.

Economy, functionality and efficiency were top priorities when YSI developed an instrument with excellent anti-clogging and trouble-free properties, making the YSI 2900 the obvious choice for a wide range of applications and industries: from xylose and glucose measurement in biofuel research and production to the clinical treatment of diabetes. Added to this

Additional chemistries will also become available, so be assured, whatever your automated biochemistry analysis needs, YSI are working hard to help you get results – economically and effectively. The new YSI 2900 really is the Biochemistry Analyzer for today – and tomorrow as well.