Bibby Scientific Limited

Bibby Scientific is one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of scientific instruments and laboratory equipment. Bibby produces a wide range of equipment and instruments for a variety of applications in the laboratory through its Jenway, Stuart and Techne brands.

Stuart Science Equipment is a Bibby Scientific brand which specializes in benchtop instruments and equipment, with a product range consisting of over one hundred different items including laboratory hotplates, hot plate stirrers, lab homogeniser, overhead stirrer and flocculator instruments, laboratory incubators and shaking incubator products among their many offerings.

Jenway Science Equipment is focused on instruments for the life sciences and environmental sciences laboratory, with products including a digital conductivity meter range, a portable conductivity meter range, flame photometer, fluorimeter and chloride testing instruments. The Jenway range of products is renowned for quality and reliability.

Techne Science Equipment’s products demonstrate Bibby Scientific’s extensive expertise in temperature control equipment for the laboratory including thermo regulator instruments, thermalcyclers and a gradient thermal cyclerrange. Techne is the name that laboratory personnel think of first when they think of laboratory temperature control and their thermoregulator and thermal cyclers are a fixture in laboratories all over the world.

Bibby Scientific provides top quality instruments and world class customer service through its Stuart, Jenway and Techne brands, making the company one of the foremost suppliers of laboratory equipment in the UK and worldwide.