Bench Autoclave Now In Larger Size

Priorclave has developed a new 60 litre capacity bench autoclave to meet customer demand.

Following requests for a larger capacity machine, the dedicated design and manufacturing centre for autoclaves responded by coming up with a new model.

With the most comprehensive range of laboratory standard steam sterilisers, from compact bench-top loading to free-standing top-loading and high capacity front-loading autoclaves as well as thru-wall double-entry machines, it is unlikely that customers cannot find a model to meet their needs.

However, for one particular client, the concept and functionality of Priorclave’s standard bench-top 40 litre capacity model appealed, but there was a need for a 50% increase in chamber capacity.

To meet this requirement, the H60 autoclave was designed and manufactured, with a steriliser and 60 litre horizontal chamber.

This latest compact model has an internal chamber diameter of 350 mm and a working depth of 625 mm and is designed to operate up to 138 degrees C and 2.4 bar.

It is available with either a single or double heating elements, giving cycle times of 90 or 75 minutes respectively.

The new bench autoclave also features the TACTROL 2 microprocessor control system with staged illumination, giving digital readouts of cycle status as well as easy control over temperature and time.

Officially part of the Compact range of bench-top models, the increased external depth of 865 mm may restrict placement in certain lab settings, so Prioclave can supply a special stand for mounting next to a work surface.