Autoscribe Ltd

Autoscribe is a privately owned company founded in 1981 and based in the UK, with partners located in countries around the world. The company serves customers in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical, academic, chemical, nuclear, oil, analytical and consumer products industries among others.

Matrix LIMS is the product range for which Autoscribe is best known. Their Matrix Gemini LIMS software is the industry standard for laboratory software, in use in thousands of laboratories and other applications worldwide. Autoscribe was the first to introduce a laboratory information management system which included a user friendly set of configuration tools for laboratory information management and remains the industry leader for versatile and powerful LIMS which can be integrated into virtually any environment.

The ability of users to configure Autoscribe LIMS systems to suit any set of data management needs and its ability to interoperate smoothly with a wide array of different software and hardware systems makes Autoscribe LIMS a perfect solution for nearly any application. Whether as a laboratory information system or for use in tracking customer feedback, it outperforms any other LIMS on the market.

Other than solutions specifically designed as laboratory information systems, Autoscribe also offers an extensive range of scalable off-the-rack LIMS produced for industry specific use while still providing the full configurability of all of its LIMS products. Whether for business, medical or scientific use, Autoscribe Matrix Gemini and its other software solutions are always easy to implement, use and configure.

The company is dedicated to providing information management solutions which are scalable from the smallest of implementations to global ones; Autoscribe LIMS are designed to be able to grow and change along with your business and your needs.

Autoscribe is committed to providing its customers with the absolute best in responsive, timely service and delivering the right information management systems at the right time and for the right price. Being on time and on budget is a point of pride for the company, something it takes as seriously as it does ensuring that its laboratory information systems and the rest of its product range meet the needs of its customers in a fast moving, rapidly changing world.