Autoclaves Put on a Show at Medica

Do you want to know one of the major problems with the world today? There is far too much talking and not enough real, proper thinking. Which is why I am pleased to say that if you are in Dusseldorf for Medica 2011, the premier Medical and Laboratory Equipment exhibition, and you make your way to UK autoclave manufacturer Priorclave’s stand 1E02, you can sample the fruits of some proper thinking.

This is because, when it comes to autoclaves, Priorclave have really sat down and thought about what their customers need and want from an autoclave. The fruits of this zeal is a diversity of autoclaves designed to address all those difficult scenarios that crop up for users and wannabe users; problems like restricted space, difficult installations, varied usage, sealed labs and large volume throughput. And Priorclave designs, of course, also include ‘standard features’ that themselves are the result of over 20 years research and development and thinking about autoclave construction.

This is why at Medica you will be able to evaluate at first hand the QCS EH150: a 150L front-loading model with either electrical or direct steam heating. The QCS EH150 has been designed with a Pass-Through version that can be sealed into a wall, enabling articles to be sterilised either into or out of a sealed laboratory.

Alongside the QCS EH150 you will find the C60 top-loading autoclave, a much smaller model with lockable castors, designed for when space is at a premium, yet with features like forced cooling and automatic Timed Freesteaming, that deliver the performance usually associated with many larger (and more expensive) machines.

Completing the models on show is the 100L QCS EV100, with 2 or 3 baskets this model has an exceptionally low loading height for its capacity. Just three of the wide range of autoclaves from Priorclave, but they reflect a whole lot of thinking.

However, if these or other autoclaves in the extensive Priorclave range cannot fulfil your unique demands, then Priorclave have a dedicated product development team that are more than happy to discuss your specific requirements. Yes, they will talk to you – talking has its place too, but they will be thinking all the time as well.