Autoclave Manufacturer Completes Major Order Ahead Of Time

In these days of economic uncertainty when we are being told, left, right and centre, or at least by the Left, Right and Centre that things are tough and only going to get tougher, it is rather splendid to be able to report some good news. Priorclave, renowned as one of the UK’s top Laboratory autoclave manufacturers, have just shipped the final phase of a major order destined for Zambia – and it is one month early.

With ‘science’ being picked out by Prime Minister Cameron in his recent conference speech as an area for continued expansion and application it is good to see a UK autoclave manufacturer win out in this competitive field, against companies from the rest of Europe as well as China.

Priorclave’s success as an autoclave manufacturer is undoubtedly based on their reputation for robust, reliable, quality equipment backed up by the experience and expertise that has made them a leading designer of bench-top and stand-alone autoclaves for the beverage, agricultural, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, as well as research and education. This functionality is epitomised by Priorclave’s EV150 model, 72 of which are now destined to assist healthcare throughout Zambia.

The EV150 is versatile autoclave with 3 third depth stainless steel mesh baskets and a well-above-average 150L capacity, impressive in such a compact model. The forced-air cooling system produces the sort of extremely fast cycle times that are required in modern medical facilities and the high output/low power steam generators have been especially re-engineered at Priorclave to meet the requirements of the single-phase electricity supplies found on site.

In addition all autoclaves fly the ‘Biocote’ flag and incorporate ‘Tactrol Zero’. Biocote is the antibacterial finish, based on silver ion technology, which has been found to be 99.9% effective against fungal and bacterial growth. With Priorclave’s Tactrol Zero, autoclave performance data can be forwarded to the Priorclave UK Service Centre for immediate response and clarification of fine-tuning requirements – in Zambia and throughout the world.

It is easy to see why Priorclave’s Business Manager Paul Richardson is delighted by the successful completion of this major order, any autoclave manufacturer would be; it should even bring a smile to the Chancellor’s lips.