AMS Biotechnology (Europe) Ltd

About AMS Biotechnology (Europe) Ltd…

How do companies thrive in the tough and competitive world of life science research in the C21st? Well, research reagent provider amsbio believe that the answer is to win success by providing state-of-the-art solutions to the evolving problems that matter most to the scientific community. Hence their current portfolio, which illustrates a continuing commitment to genomics, immunology and proteomics, with special emphasis on cell migration, cell adhesion, invasion and proliferation.

Amsbio now offer a range reagents and kits from distinguished primary manufacturing partners, which – especially in the field of genomics – appears to be unparalleled.

Amsbio’s desire to remain at the cutting edge has resulted in the company’s expansion into a variety of different technical areas. This includes the provision of high-quality magnetic silica beads. This approach to surface chemistry is particularly versatile and after coating with ligand-specific molecules, such as Streptavidin, Protein G or Protein A, beads can be used for the isolation of target molecules or cells in a variety of genomic or proteomic procedures.

Amsbio also provides a whole range of Cell Migration Assay Kits and if the long-term viability of your cells is a consideration then the CELLBANKER range of cryopreservation solutions provides a straightforward way of freezing down your cells, without the need for controlled freezing rates or liquid nitrogen. Consistent high viability has been found for a wide range of different cell lines stored in CELLBANKER for periods up to ten years. Cryopreservation of cellshas never been easier.

Amsbio is also a leading supplier of Mouse Embryonic Fibroblasts (MEFs) as well as Newborn Human Foreskin Fibroblasts (NuFFs) for both mouse and human pluripotent stem cell culturing (ES and iPS). Another new direction – literally in this case – has taken amsbio into the exciting field of 3D Cell Culture.

Their alvetex pre-fabricated synthetic scaffold is ready for use straight off-the-shelf and being inert and sterile it can be handled just like your existing conventional 2D plastic culture equipment. With 3D cell culture now being used for a wide range of cell types, including neurons, astrocytes, hepatocytes and glia, and resulting in cultures corresponding much closer to the in vivo situation, alvetex culturing is the perfect entry point into this growing discipline.

With a long-term commitment to reducing their carbon footprint and to maximising materials recycling, amsbio are thinking about the future in every way.

And that is how to thrive in the tough and competitive world of life science research in the C21st. Well, it certainly seems to be working for Amsbio!