Alfa Aesar

About Alfa Aesar…

Alfa Aesar has nearly five decades of experience in the field of chemistry, having become the world’s leading producer and supplier of chemicals and other materials for a wide range of uses in the research chemistry, pharmaceutical research and development and many other sectors. Researchers have long seen Alfa Aesar as the go-to source when it’s time to buy research chemicals and analytical standards – and the company is now also among the leading pharmaceutical development services, something which makes sense given their expertise in developing custom chemicals and molecules for clientele worldwide.

The company has built their reputation on the purity and quality of their products. From pure elements for research chemists to photovoltaic substances for producers of alternative energy technologies, Alfa Aesar’s more than 30,000 different products are all made to the highest standards – and their ability to manufacture custom materials to order, Alfa is the company of choice for both bulk and small-scale materials for anyone whose professional responsibilities it is to buy research chemicals.

Alfa Aesar’s product ranges include organic, inorganic and organometallic compounds, precious metals, catalysts, rare earths, analytical standards and virtually anything else the scientific and pharmaceutical development communities need to continue making breakthroughs which save lives and expand human knowledge. The company’s pharmaceutical development services include custom manufacturing processes, chemical development and every other service needed to take new medications from planning to FDA approval and into production.

From photovoltaic substances to raw materials for the research chemistry laboratory, all of Alfa Aesar’s products and services are backed by their commitment to customer service. The company believes that it’s not enough to provide the purest, highest quality products to those who buy research chemicals unless these products come with the highest quality of customer service; something which Alfa Aesar is just as skilled in as producing the chemicals, analytical standards and other materials scientists the world over have come to rely on the company for.