Agilent Technologies

About Agilent Technologies…

One of the world’s leading suppliers of instruments, software, supplies and services to customers in the life sciences and chemical analysis sectors, Agilent employs more than 5,000 personnel. The company’s customers number over 25,000 located all over the world in over 100 different countries. The range of products produced by Agilent include GC analysis systems, ultra performance liquid chromatography instruments, advanced ICP-MS analysissolutions and a variety of other instruments for mass spectrometry, gas and liquid chromatography, among others.

Agilent’s mission is to provide its customers with the highest quality, most reliable solutions for productivity in the laboratory through optimizing its products for the applications and workflow demands of its clients. The company puts its expertise in the sciences to work for its customers in the form of user friendly software, instruments and supplies which lead the industry in technology and usability, all with the support of Agilent’s worldwide customer service. All of Agilent’s activities are aimed at bringing their customers ever more useful products at ever increasing speed.

The company provides instrument repair and maintenance, software integration, compliance support, education and consulting services to ensure that all of their customers are able to receive the maximum levels of functionality and reliable use from Agilent’s instruments.

From the life sciences to forensics, pharmaceutical research and development, petrochemicals, chemical analysis, environmental studies and beyond, Agilent produces the instruments, supplies and software solutions which allow their customers to improve efficiency and productivity in the laboratory. Tens of thousands of customers in the sciences and quality assurance fields turn to Agilent when they’re looking for the highest standards in performance and reliability.