Anachem – A METTLER TOLEDO Company

Anachem is the leading laboratory liquid handling solutions specialist in the UK and Ireland.

Founded in 1970, the company has more than 35 years of experience supplying scientists and researchers in the pharmaceutical, chemical, clinical research, environmental testing, food processing, biotechnology, technology and consumer product industries, government agencies, non-profits and academic research institutes with the best in liquid handling solutions.

The company produces its own brand as well as distributing products from globally renowned manufacturers. Product ranges include single and multichannel pipette instruments, pipette tips and many other products.

Anachem manufactures and distributes high quality consumables for the laboratory including racks, plates, laboratory microtubes, Polymerase Chain Reaction plastics and molecular biology reagents among other important scientific and medical laboratory products and systems. Every Anachem product is backed by the company’s famed service and support.

Anachem is committed to improving the quality of user outcomes with products which are ergonomically sound, environmentally friendly and allow laboratories to ensure accurate results and increase throughput. Both Anachem and its suppliers are famous for their devotion to helping the scientific and medical communities achieve advances in their fields through technologies which address their needs.

The company sees its mission as bringing its customers solutions to laboratory productivity issues on a consistent basis both on its own and by working with its partners in the industry.

Quality is something Anachem takes very seriously and is reflected in every product the company produces or distributes. Anachem is dedicated to providing solutions which are in full compliance with applicable regulations and is ISO 9002 certified, with its Pipette Service operating in accordance with the stringent accreditation requirements of the UKAS.

Always looking towards the next great advance in the sciences and medicine, Anachem continually works to push the state of the art and develop and introduce new technologies which drive scientific and medical breakthroughs.