Applications Of Micromeritics Autochem Analyzers And Vapor Generator

27th May 2015

Using Vapors with the AutoChem – this technical tip will describe how to use Micromeritics’ AutoChem Series analyzer when equipped with a vapor generator.

Vapor probes are used often to expand the understanding of the surface properties of materials, and catalyst researchers use organic amines routinely to probe the acidity of zeolites. These compounds require the use of a vapor generator.

The Micromeritics AutoChem Series features an optionalvapor generator that employs a temperature-controlled valve, reflux condenser, and flask for the probe liquid.

The temperature control of these components allows precise control of the vapor composition. The Antoine vapor-pressure correlation is useful for determining the appropriate settings for the vapor generatortemperature zones, and also calculating the active concentration of the vapor in the AutoChem loop.