Great Savings for Potato Growers with the YSI 2900 Analyser

The YSI 2900 Biochemical Analyser has been a great boon to potato growers and snack manufacturers. It has helped prevent crops from spoiling and purchasers have saved thousands of pounds in costly diagnostic lab reports.

The YSI 2900 is used by potato growers and manufacturers to monitor the breakdown of complex carbohydrates that occurs during storage of the harvested crop.

As potatoes age carbohydrates are converted to simpler sugars and regular testing for sucrose and glucose allows the right storage time to be calculated for each particular end usage.

For example, in crisp production, a higher simple sugar content results in a darker cooked potato product, while the consumer’s preference is for a lighter coloured snack. Therefore hitting the optimum storage time is a high priority, which before the use of the YSI 2900 meant expensive, and repeated, time-consuming testing by contract laboratories. Following the introduction of YSI’s new 2900 analyser, many of these potato growers and snack manufacturers are now investing in this latest model with its updated features.

Quality assurance personnel are particularly impressed by the increased data handling facilities now available. Data can be sent over a network, saved on a memory stick and accessed from the database at any time and the YSI 2900 model supports connection with Ethernet, RS232, USB and OPC.

The YSI 2900 still uses the same trusted enzyme technology, which means the results remain as reliable and accurate, but now they are produced even quicker – in less than a minute!

Further chemistries have been added to the list of analysable substrates and there is now an icon driven touch screen, anti-clogging mechanisms and a built-in auto sampler. Plus there is ‘on board’ training, not that very much is required!

To find out how simple the YSI 2900 is to use please contact YSI via the website link or call them on +44 (0)1252 819844

Date added: 2015-05-25 15:48:32