The use of YSI biochemistry Analysers in the Food and Beverage industries

YSI Life Science’s biochemistry analysers have found an important role in a multitude of global industries throughout the USA and the wider world. Using feedback provided directly from their USA customers YSI have been able to evaluate exactly how end-users view the benefits of YSI’s groundbreaking technology. Whether it is the instrument’s reliability, accuracy, low maintenance and running costs, speed or minimal sample preparation time, YSI have put together these findings so that potential customers can see how their activity may also benefit.

The food and beverage industries were fast to appreciate the advantages of YSI biochemistry analysers. For over twenty years now a variety of food and beverage related companies have applied YSI Biosensor technology to all aspects of their processing and production, from raw material assessment to product quality control and waste management.   

One common application of the YSI biochemistry analyser in the food and beverage industries has been inprocess testing. The capability of being able to verify product quality, rapidly and accurately, by sampling directly from the production vessel, and hence quickly adjust a crucial ingredient concentration, such as sucrose, can produce immediate savings.

One cereal manufacturer now finds the YSI biochemistry analyser indispensable for their measurement of glucose content. Salt interference from their high-salt food samples caused problems when they used HPLC for analysis. Another new cereal manufacturer, interested in sucrose content, identified the ability to correct problems in processing as the major benefit for them of using a YSI analyser. Also they soon realised just how quickly the instrument would pay for itself, especially with large volume runs. This is especially helpful if, like one pet food manufacturer, you were reliant on expensive external laboratory analysis.  

Another, very different food company, manufacturing French fries, has benefited from their YSI analyser for both raw material and in-process testing. The maturity of potatoes is assessed in storage by analysing sucrose and dextrose while the final dextrose is also measured for accurate control prior to frying to ensure optimum quality of the finished product.

One wine manufacture, who was previously obliged to use a labour intensive, time consuming and expensive enzyme kit to measure lactate and dextrose during production is particularly enthusiastic about their YSI analyser. They now find it indispensable for quality control, being fast and accurate, yet inexpensive to operate. 

In the USA, and throughout the world, more and more companies working in the food and beverage industries are finding that YSI provide the analytical technology of choice for today’s modern manufacturer. 

Date added: 2016-12-08 14:18:30