YSI Analysers Join The Fight Against Cancer

The number of applications for YSI Life Science’s 2900 series of biochemistry analysers continues to grow as more researchers and technologists begin to see the benefits of fast (under 1 minute), reliable and precise biochemical analysis for a constantly expanding number of chemistries.

Thanks to the proprietary immobilised enzyme technology it is now possible to measure simultaneously two different ‘chemistries’ from a wide range including ammonium, glutamine, glutamate, glucose, dextrose, sucrose, xylose, lactate, lactose, methanol, ethanol and hydrogen peroxide. This has resulted in YSI’s involvement in a fantastic variety of different areas, including biofuel production, beer making, pharmaceuticals and food processing.

However, in terms of job satisfaction the people at YSI must be very proud to see their YSI 2950 being applied in the field of oncology, including investigation into the use of modified viruses in attacking tumour cells without harming healthy tissue.

This is the application in which one biotechnology company is now using the analyser, in particular for measuring glucose, lactate, ammonium and glutamine. This work has involved a number of exciting developments in recent years to prevent immune responses, including polymer coating the viruses and the use of microbubbles and ultrasound. It must be very exciting to be active in such a rapidly developing, and important, field of research.

Cell-culture labs have long appreciated the speed and reliability of the YSI biochemistry analysers as it enables workers to closely monitor source nutrients and adjust levels speedily as required. This facility has now been taken to a new level with the YSI 2900M Online Monitoring & Control system. This has combined proven 2900-analyser technology along with the YSI Sitini Online Sampler to automatically allow the withdrawal of sample fluids. This provides continuous feedback on the status of your culture or process automatically and aseptically with antiseptic lines flushing after each sample is drawn.

From oncology to biofuel production, it seems that YSI are everywhere doing their bit to make research faster, easier and more accurate.

Date added: 2015-05-25 14:28:36