YSI For When You Really need to be Sugar-free

It’s not just dieters and food-fadists who are interested in low sugar and ‘sugar free’ foods, with an ageing population and an increased incidence of type two diabetes, controlling sugar intake has become increasingly important to large sections of the community.

This means there is an even greater obligation on the part of manufacturers to ensure the accuracy of their content calculations. There are both moral and legal imperatives at stake now and stringent regulations require equally stringent measurement regimes.

It is unfortunate that many of the instruments that are designed for measuring sugars come up short at low sugar levels; that is the levels that typify products advertised as being ‘low sugar’ or even ‘sugar free’ - (0.5g/L or less). Other techniques for measuring sugar concentrations can be quite involved and require the sort of analysis times that are not commensurate with modern production methodologies.

This is where immobilised enzyme technology, as utilised in YSI’s 2900 Series of instruments, comes into its own. Their proprietary immobilised enzyme electrodes use the inherent specificity of enzymes for a single target analyte to produce results that are rapid, accurate and largely interference free. There is no problem measuring levels down to 0.05g/L for glucose and 0.1g/L for sucrose – as sugar free goes that is pretty ‘free’.

What’s more the one minute (or less!) analysis time makes the 2900 series ideal for incorporation into the production line. In fact the YSI 2900M Online Monitoring & Control System, which features the YSI Sitini Online Sampler, can automatically withdraw fluids from your system and deliver it, aseptically, directly for analysis. Line washing is also carried out automatically.

The modular nature of the YSI series means that up to six different compatible chemistries can be measured simultaneously; sugars and a whole lot more, which is, in a word, ‘sweet’.

Date added: 2015-05-25 14:29:03