Bioprocessing Benefits from YSI Biochemistry Analysers

YSI Life Science’s proprietary immobilised enzyme electrode technology has been key to the success of their biochemistry analysers. Their application of the fact that enzymes have an inherent specificity for a single target analyte enables their instruments to generate analyte-specific results in 60 seconds or less. This has made YSI a world leader in biosensor design and key to the work of companies in a diverse number of fields, from medical researchers to candy makers and the burgeoning bioprocessing sector. 

Bioprocessing encompasses the biopharmaceutical, biofuels and industrial biotechnology industries and involves companies that are, not only are at the cutting edge of scientific application, but also in need of rapid, reliable and accurate analysis results in order to maximise yields and minimise wastage. In order to assist new customers, or those involved in bioprocessing that have not yet investigated YSI’s unique biosensor technology, the company have carried out an extensive collaborative process with their customers in the bioprocessing field to see how they value the benefits that YSI’s groundbreaking technology provides.     

Given the application area, monitoring glucose, a common nutrient source for mammalian, bacterial and fungal cell cultures is inevitably important. One Biotech company working in the field of anti-infective medicine and cell culture found that using an enzyme kit took too long and sample preparation was too laborious for their needs. A YSI analyser not only helped them maximise cell growth during fermentation but they were able to link it to a computer to increase automation. Another company monitoring glucose during the production of an enzyme used in cheese making praised the analyser’s accuracy, for optimising production, and its ease of use.

A contract lab that routinely analyses several hundred samples from a single fermentation, and may carry out five fermentations simultaneously, praised the low cost of each YSI analyser test. They also highlighted how the YSI analyser frees up valued personnel for other more specialised work and is usefully robust when inexperienced students help out.

Apart from monitoring nutrients like glucose, sucrose and glutamine the analysers are used to monitor the level of potentially harmful by-products, such as lactate and ammonium and in the biofuels sector YSI analysers measure xylose and glucose to monitor fermentation progress and residual ethanol during cellulosic ethanol research and production.

Companies working in these bioprocessing industries repeatedly highlight the accuracy, reliability, speed, low maintenance and running costs and minimal sample preparation time of YSI’s biochemistry analysers, clearly showing their preference for this technology.  

Date added: 2017-01-03 10:44:22