YSI exhibit the 2900 series of Biochemistry Analysers at Lab Innovations 2015 at the NEC Birmingham

If you are heading to Lab Innovations at the NEC Birmingham next month (4-5th November) you would be well advised to visit the Xylem stand (H6) where YSI will be exhibiting their highly innovative 2900 series of Biochemistry Analysers. 

This really is an instrument that is pushing the frontiers of biochemical analysis. Thanks to YSI’s proprietary immobilised enzyme technology the 2900 series can produce results in less than one minute, which has made them indispensable for both offline, and now with the YSI 2900M, online analysis of a wide range of critical analyte samples in a large number of fields.

Whatever your requirement, for research and development, scale-up or production, in the 2900 series YSI have the analyser to best measure, monitor and help control the key aspects of your process. This is why this now the choice for such a wide range of companies, manufacturing everything from vaccines to biofuel. Clinical, industrial, and research applications are numerous, examples include testing the spoilage of fruit during storage, the determination of ethanol in beer and wine and glucose measurement in diabetes research.

The design of the 2900 is modular, inferring great versatility, with a range of configurations for up to 3 sensor modules and the capability of measuring as many as 6 chemistries. These chemistries include sucrose, galactose, glucose, lactate, glutamine, xylose, ethanol, methanol, lactose, choline, glycerol and hydrogen peroxide, with additional measurement of ammonium and potassium.

This really is an instrument that sits happily under the Lab Innovations banner, so now is the ideal time to chat with the YSI team and discuss the technology behind, and the capabilities of, this impressive range of analysers.

Date added: 2015-11-12 18:38:11