Bioreactor Optimisation with the YSI 2900M Online Monitoring and Control System

The YSI 2900M Online Monitoring and Control System consists of the innovative YSI 2900 Biochemistry Analyser, with fitted biosensor module, the YSI Sitini Online Sampler and a bottle rack with reagent level sensing. This Online Monitoring and Control System is the easy to operate, fast and accurate answer to bioprocess monitoring and optimisation.

Optimisation is the key to getting the best from your bioreactor and raising it to a new level of automation and excellence. And there is no better way to approach optimisation than by integrating the YSI Sitini Online Sampler into your process.

The YSI Sitini Online Sampler can automatically draw the sample liquid from your bioreactor, delivering it to YSI’s industry leading 2900 Biochemistry Analyser for rapid analysis. The 2900 features YSI’s proprietary immobilised enzyme electrode technology which returns analyte results within one minute to provide comprehensive data over a wide range of different chemistries including glucose, galactose, lactate, ethanol, glutamine, glutamate, ammonium, xylose, methanol, sucrose, lactose and choline.

Sampling with the Sitini Online Sampler is done aseptically, because antiseptic is kept in the lines between each draw and the lines are flushed after each sample. Further peace of mind is ensured thanks to fully autoclavable parts, including the pump, to safeguard sterility.

The Sitini Online Sampler is compact and very reliable. So is the YSI’s Biochemistry Analyser, with a slim footprint and a proven history in bioprocess monitoring, fermentation analysis control, biofuel production and research and even clinical blood chemistry analysis.

Thanks to advanced chamber and fluidics design the YSI 2900 series resists clogging, even at very high cell densities. It also accepts a wide range of different sample holders, microcentrifuge tubes and standard well plates, including 96 well plates.

Taken together as part of the YSI 2900M Online Monitoring and Control System they really are a winning combination. The YSI 2900M system can even talk to process management instrumentation via Ethernet, RS232 or OPen Connectivity (OPC) connections to incorporate into existing applications, while the fully searchable database allows for quick access to stored results. 

Date added: 2015-06-08 10:59:51