YSI’s 2900 Series Excels in both Research and Production

The versatility and functionality of YSI’s 2900 Series of Biochemistry Analysers is evident by the increasing number of significant research papers being published that credit the instrument. And it’s not just the quantity that is impressive, it is the variety of publications as well.

One such publication is ‘ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering’. Recently they highlighted how the 2900 Series is having an impact in biomass research and production in a paper where the analyser was used to monitor glucose in the saccharification process of Loblolly pine biomass feedstocks.

Glucose being just one of the wide range of chemistries YSI’s analysers measure along with galactose, lactate, ethanol, glutamine, glutamate, ammonium, xylose, methanol, sucrose, lactose and choline.

Glucose measurement is essential in determining the effectiveness of enzymatic hydrolysis citrate buffer strengths on Loblolly pine biomass. This is a technique that is also common to the production of other biofuels.

Date added: 2016-06-29 09:36:22