Trust Xylem to solve water

Xylem is a leading manufacturer and provider of premium field, online and laboratory analytical instrumentation that addresses their customers most challenging and critical water issues.

This encompasses an extensive number of different fields and activities, so fundamental are water concerns to industry and life today. Surface water, waste water, ocean and coastal environments, foods and beverages, industrial and retail – all areas where the impact of Xylem systems, innovation and services are felt and relied upon.

Equipment such as refractometers, polarimeters, spectrophotometers, photometers, titrators, pH and conductivity electrodes, biochemical analysers, precision thermometers, temperature and pressure dataloggers and many similar instruments; all impact every aspect of our lives.

From the moment you shower in the morning, to when you make your late night drink, every product you use or consume must be safe and fit for purpose and water will be crucial to the processes involved in ensuring that. We may take these things for granted, but Xylem doesn’t.

Raw materials, whether grown or synthesised, must be tested for purity, safety and quality using measurements of key parameters such as pH, conductivity, turbidity and temperature. Xylem instrumentation achieves this as well as analysing volatile organic compounds and pesticide residues, helping determine the authenticity and character of foodstuffs.

When harvesting and processing fruit, refractometers provide decisive information about sugar content, while polarimeters are used to assess beet and cane sugar purity. In this way time and resources are not wasted and, of course, this becomes even more important when it is the purity of pharmaceutical products being tested.

Products must be delivered to the customer and Xylem is at hand there, whether it is temperature and vacuum monitoring of foodstuffs during transportation or addressing automotive fluids such as radiator glycols or emission-reducing diesel additives.

The general public may not be aware of it, but Xylem is there in the supermarket too, providing wireless refrigeration monitoring for foodstuffs and monitoring the oil in the chip fryer for your take-away as well. 

And whatever the process, where water is required, Xylem is there, using photometry to measure chlorine and ozone content before and assessing contaminants afterwards to prevent environmental damage.   

Xylem’s skill in fluid technology applications and water solutions is brought to the market through a number of globally recognised brands, which all personify excellence in their areas of expertise and represent over a century of dedication to effective and reliable analysis and measurement. These proven names include

Bellingham + Stanley (refractometers & polarimeters), SI Analytics (electrochemistry sensors, meters and titrators), ebro (thermometers and data loggers), OI Analytical (chemistry analysers), WTW (BOD/respiratory ph/Cond.DO electrodes, general laboratory and spectrometers) and YSI (biochemistry analysers).

Xylem is committed to providing quality products - instrumentation that really assists customers to provide the highest level of service and results. Therefore most brands operate a quality management system in accordance with, or similar to, ISO 9001:2008 amongst other industry regulatory compliances such as TUV, as well as UKAS for calibration and testing, where ISO 17025:2005 is the industry standard.

Xylem brands are available direct and from a network of carefully selected distributors. Experts from each of these trusted names are always pleased to assist with customer problems, whether it is spoilage in your salsa sauce or headaches with your aspirin. Xylem products are now sold into more than 150 countries and their commitment to a true partnership with their customers means that you can always rely on Xylem brands, wherever you are.

Do you trust Xylem to solve water? For more information about the brands please click on the website link from this page.

Date added: 2016-04-23 18:11:20