Xylem Instrumentation Assists Biogas Production

Green energy is of increasing importance, as sustainability of energy production is fast becoming a major priority. Solar and wind power are both established alternatives to traditional energy sources and now anaerobic digestion (AD) also looks set to become a viable choice. Xylem Analytics, a leading world water technology company is, understandably, at the heart of AD, producing equipment for assisting with all parts of biogas production.

AD is of particular interest for energy production because it is a biotechnological approach, whereby microbial digestion in a bioreactor is used to produce methane-rich biogas, even from waste materials. This biogas can be used to generate electricity as well as directly powering transport or providing heating.

AD is becoming an area of rapid growth, with biogas plants of all sizes being built throughout the world. Efficient management of all parts of this new and exciting industry has becomes an important consideration, particularly with respect to the environment.

Particular concerns include maintaining efficient bioreactor function and monitoring catchment ponds and associated waterways. Xylem Analytics can assist with all aspects of biogas production, from functional assessment within the bioreactor itself, to pumps and mixers, and environmental analysis.

Xylem’s SI Analytics TitroLine® 5000 auto-titrator has a built in FOS/TAC method and burette, which permits easy daily analysis of fermentation plant bioreactor performance, assessing stability and preventing acidification using FOS/TAC (alkalinity ratio) based on Volatile Fatty Acids content (FOS), and buffer capacity (TAC).  

Xylem’s OxiTop® Control respiratory system allows biogas plant performance to be optimised by monitoring the bio-methane potential of different feedstock samples, under similar conditions to that of the fermenter. OxiTop® can measure pH, temperature and pressure) over a period of 21 to 28 days aided by measuring heads are specifically designed hydrogen sulphide corrosion.

Xylem’s WTW® pHotoFlex® TURB handheld photometer can help maintain water purity by providing a variety of photometric data, in particular Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) which helps assess the water’s organic content and ammonia levels. While Xylem’s WTW® pHotoFlex® TURB has the ability to measure pH and turbidity on a single meter.

By their involvement with AD, Xylem Analytics continue to show their commitment to green technologies. 

Date added: 2016-08-22 16:31:31