Wireless temperature controller saves valuable time

Lab equipment supplier White Horse Scientific now offers the VersaTrak Temperature Monitoring System, an astonishingly versatile wireless temperature controller that is specially designed for healthcare facilities and medical research environments where accurate temperature tracking of blood, biological samples and perishable medicines is an absolute priority.

VersaTrak temperature monitors provide an unparalleled level of configurability and system automation, allowing users to save valuable time and money. A remarkably versatile and reliable system, VersaTrak enables fully wireless monitoring via standard 802.11b/g Wi-Fi or 868/900 megahertz radio sensors (and is also compatible with some legacy hardware from other, older wireless sensor systems).

This excellent compatibility makes the VersaTrak system ideal for integration into environments with an existing wireless system; otherwise the VersaTrak hardware can be easily installed to provide a full, cost-effective solution. VersaTrak Wi-Fi transmitters are compact and highly energy efficient, cycling to a low-power state when not sampling.

VersaTrak systems also offer an innovative store-and-resend feature. Under normal operation, the system acknowledges receipt of each individual sensor’s temperature data, however if the acknowledgement isn’t received, the sensor automatically stores the data and resends it during the next transmission cycle. This process ensures all data is received and acknowledged, and can help prevent the loss of data due to power loss or communication problems.

You’ll find further evidence of innovation in the system’s software: VersaTrak Genesis is a browser-based system that means key data can be accessed at any PC connected to the facility’s network, without the need to install custom software. Allowing standard temperature checks at intervals of 1 minute or less, reporting every 5 minutes, the VersaTrak system is built to accommodate for system problems or outages: temperature or humidity changes, or door opening, can trigger an immediate report and alarm to allow corrective action to be taken.

Offering a versatile and powerful temperature monitoring system, VersaTrak from White Horse Scientific ensures you are always in control.

Date added: 2015-05-25 12:11:09