Wet Dispersion Unit Requires Less Than 50 ml

FRITSCH has a well established reputation for producing robust, high quality lab equipment, with an emphasis on milling and grinding solutions, and particle sizing instruments. The company has recently added to its sizing range with the new Small Volume Wet Dispersion Unit.

The FRITSCH Small Volume Wet Dispersion unit is designed to complement the company's ANALYSETTE 22 range of laser particle analysers. Utilising Static Laser Scattering technology, the ANALYSETTE 22 series combines simple, straightforward user operation with fast analysis times and first class reliability. The products are used extensively in research and development, production and quality control applications in a variety of industries.

With the addition of the Small Volume Wet Dispersion Unit, the ANALYSETTE 22 can handle particle size analysis in all kinds of dispersion liquids. It is perfectly suited to measurements in organic solvents, and is also ideal for situations where limited sample quantities are available — the new Small Volume Wet Dispersion Unit requires less than 50 millilitres of liquid for its measuring circuit.

The Small Volume Wet Dispersion Unit boasts several market-leading features, including an impressive, controllable illuminated 100 watt ultrasonic bath, and a fully automatic rinsing system that allows for fast cleaning. The unit's functions are also automatically controlled from the analyser's pre-programmed Standard Operating Procedures.

The Small Volume Wet Dispersion Unit is compatible with both of FRITSCH's ANALYSETTE 22 laser particle sizers — the general purpose ANALYSETTE 22 MicroTec plus (with a 0.08 to 2,000 micrometre measuring range) and the high end ANALYSETTE 22 NanoTec plus, which measures right down to the nanometre range by employing a third laser.

Date added: 2015-06-04 15:34:21