Water Purification Validation Support From Merck Millipore

The qualification services provided by Merck Millipore to support the validation procedures in the laboratory use protocols based on the same used internally at Merck Millipore for product qualification testing. These validation protocols offer a streamlined path for OQ, IQ and PQ, with comprehensive descriptions of all of the steps needed to verify the calibration, maintenance and test methodologies required for your plans. Merck Millipore also provides additional information on validation process such as the amount of time needed for each step of the process.

Merck Millipore's qualification services include testing the specifications of the entire list of components in a given product and testing of the overall plan, including the structure and the procedures necessary for qualification.

The qualification protocols used by Merck Millipore for their water purification systems include:

IQ (Installation Qualification) - These tests consist of identifying and verifying the specific Millipore product or products, verifying the utilities and requirements of the product in terms of operating environment, any necessary preparation of personnel and/or equipment and lists of standard operating procedures.

OQ (Operational Qualification) - This protocol involves verifying the functionality of the product and its components; for instance, software, hardware and other devices.

PQ (Performance Qualification) - The performance qualification protocols are designed to verify the reproducibility, accuracy and repeatability of the product in relation to the specific applications demanded of it in a given environment. Merck Millipore's professional validation services allow you to reduce costs, free up valuable personnel to work on other vital tasks and provide a much faster, smoother integration of Millipore's industrial water purification products into your existing processes.

Merck Millipore Access - Merck Millipore offers Access validation services for water purification facilities which are unable to perform their own validation procedures due to personnel or time constraints. These on-site services are performed by expert Merck Millipore personnel who are able to help your facility to develop and implement custom validation protocols which reflect the specific needs of the product's operating environment.

Merck Millipore Access custom services include:

Method Development - Merck Millipore's scientists can provide their expertise in the development of test protocols, product assessment which is relevant to the needs of your facility and appropriate report generation.

IQ/OQ/PQ Services - They can offer on-site support for test implementation and training as well as on-site analysis and report generation. Ongoing phone and/or email-based support is also available.

Not every standard test protocol may be appropriate for your facility; the company knows that different environments and applications demand different validation procedures. Customized validation services are available for industrial water purification systems, laboratories and any other facility where Merck Millipore lab pure water systems are in use.

Date added: 2015-05-25 10:58:02