Vial Washing Equipment With A Small Footprint

There is probably nothing more irritating than to find exactly the thing you are after - a pair of shoes or a suit maybe - and then to be told that they don’t have it in the size or colour you want.

It is the same when you are looking for scientific equipment, although perhaps the colour is not so crucial. It is particularly pleasing to know then that Biopharma technology Ltd offer a full range of vial washing systems suitable for academic departments and research institutes as well as major multinational pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer and huge organisations like the National Blood Service.

Vial washing is, of course, vitally important for biopharm companies but the demands of smaller research departments are no less stringent and it is quite incredible how quickly the numbers of vials can multiply in a lab – hundreds can become thousands in the blink of an eye. That is quite demanding on somebody’s time! And of course we all want equipment now that cannot only increase efficiency, but do it with a small a footprint as possible – environmentally and otherwise!

The company have been working with top international suppliers now for over 25 years to ensure that you get the best equipment available and the best possible choice. The RW range of rotary washers is a case in point.

At the modest end of the scale it begins with the RW-250, a semi-automatic vial washer designed with clinical studies or small start-up companies in mind. Typical handling output is between 30 and 70 vials/min with batch sizes between 2 and 12,000 vials. It includes 6 stations for WFI cleaning and sterile air blowing, perfect to increase the efficiency of your biochemical or clinical study saving time and resources.

Of course, if you do happen to have a major pharmaceutical company you will probably be more excited by the other extreme on offer: the RW-1150 fully automated vial washer. This has a highly impressive 400 vials/min and a vial range of 2 – 500ml. This also offers refinements like an automatic lift lid mechanism, WFI recycling and intermittent spraying.

At both ends of the spectrum you get the full advantages of rotary washing with a rather special nozzle design that prevents damage of the vial caused by misfeeding or misalignments. It also cuts back on particle generation that can cause problems with moving parts.

And if you are in need of fully automated vial washer equipment you might well be interested in the EVW-series which efficiently decontaminates the outside of vials and containers. It incorporates higher washing pressures thanks to a watertight seal that encapsulates the vial cap.

Automation, a compressed air drier and an intuitive touch screen control – very impressive indeed. And the company offers full support from an experienced in-house service team – they do usually come in the one size mind.

Date added: 2012-10-16 14:37:23