Ultra fine grinding Mills from Fritsch

Thanks to a new breakthrough from FRITSCH, it is now possible – for the first time ever – to achieve ultra-fine grinding right down to the nano level. The design and technology of the FRITSCH premium line not only delivers faster speeds of rotation than any other planetary mill but offers major advantages in safety and ease of use.

Its rotation can reach an amazing 1100 rpm, while the acceleration produced is a phenomenal 95 times that achievable by gravity. The result is very fine grinding in a very short time.

Uniquely, the bowl and lid form a single unit. With one motion the grinding bowls are closed gas-tight. With a second motion they are locked safely inside the mill. In fact, they find their own position and simply snap into place. There is no need for additional tensioning and there is no possibility of the mill operating incorrectly.

Opening and closing of this planetary mill’s grinding chamber is automatic and the bowl mounts are rotated independently into a convenient handling position. Meanwhile, an intuitive touch screen allows easy menu navigation and simple programming of exact start times. In short, everything has been designed to save time and make life easier for the operator.

For added safety, the premium line planetary mill is able to detect inserted bowls automatically, using a special RFID chip. The system sets an optimum rotation rate in each case and will not allow grinding settings that are inappropriate. It is therefore impossible for the user to carry out an incorrect operation.

What’s more, there is an automatic parameter check, before every grinding operation, which guarantees that results will be precisely reproducible.

The premium line planetary mill is offered with a variety of grinding bowls and balls, in different materials and sizes, to meet different needs. A number of other accessories are also available, ensuring the optimum specification and the best possible grinding results for every application.

If you would like proof that the premium line planetary mill really is a revolution in milling, you can send in a sample and FRITSCH will be happy to do a test grinding free of charge.

Date added: 2015-05-25 12:20:41