Tomato Processing with the YSI 2900 – There’s a Science to Flavour

It's true, there is a science to flavour and in tomato processing it is all about monitoring and measuring potential problems at every stage.

The YSI 2900 series is an easy to operate system that can accurately measure levels of lactate and ethanol. In the tomato processing business, it is vital to detect any hint of contamination early on and this is where this product can pay for itself in super quick time.

Early detection of any aggressive contaminants can save a processing plant several thousands and this is what makes the YSI 2900 an invaluable resource in research, quality control and other applications within the food and beverage industry.

There are many potential hazards at every stage of the tomato's life - if we look at different stages from ripe fruit to the finished article, there are many tests, processes and procedures required before we can enjoy them at home or in a fine restaurant.

Other traditional methods can take many days to detect problems and levels of contamination, but the YSI 2900 can measure ethanol and lactate in less than 1 minute! Measuring these properties at regular intervals by using this product prevents the food from spoiling and generally losing its flavour.

There is very little sample preparation to be done, it has extremely low operating costs and it can run combinations of up to two analytes. The product is also designed to measure Sucrose and glucose and so opens up its capacity for a number of other associated applications.

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Date added: 2015-05-25 11:13:15