Texture Analyser – Getting a feel for Texture Analysis

Closely related to rheology, the study of the flow of matter, is the subject of texture analysis. This is a fascinating field of inquiry that impinges on many areas relating to the mechanical properties of materials for a wide variety of products and industries. From eye-liners to tofu, how a person experiences something, whether it is food or drink in the mouth, or a lotion on the skin, brings with it a whole gamut of different qualities that need to be defined and quantified.

Similarly, more objectively, materials such as glues, caulking, grease, rubber and wax all need defining for their tactile properties. These properties might include factors such as hardness, burst strength, tackiness, yield point, cohesiveness, chewiness (not glues!), resilience, adhesiveness and gumminess.

The Tex’an 200 Texture Analyser from Meritics is specifically designed to produce a speedy and accurate textural analysis of a whole range of different samples, delivering detailed information relating to their adhesivity, elasticity and consistency. It is eminently suitable for quality control operations, while still retaining the flexibility required of a research instrument. Straightforward to operate, this bench-top instrument is capable of carrying out a large number of tests including TPA cycles, Bloom tests and compression/relaxation/traction tests.

A variety of probes, of different geometries, are available for the Tex’an 200, so that you can easily obtain the probe best suited to your sample volume, its nature and the variety of measurements you require. Example probes available include cones for the measurement of butter consistency, bloom cylinders for gelatine tests, spherical (or semi-spherical) probes for cohesion/elasticity measures, plate cylinders for adhesivity quantification and fixing claws for traction tests.

If you require a versatile, comprehensive, texture analyser for either quality control or R&D, look no further than the Tex’an 200 Texture Analyser.

Date added: 2015-05-25 12:10:22