Surface Area Measurement Just Got More Accurate

The Micrometrics ASAP 2020 HD Accelerated Surface Area and Porosimetry System is a gas adsorption system that offers many features for high-level isotherm resolution and accuracy.

Wider pressure measurement on the ASAP 2020 HD allows isotherm measurements to begin an order of magnitude lower in pressure than the previous Micrometrics instrument. The low pressure capability offers greater resolution and new options for materials with micropores, such as metal organic frameworks, activated carbons and zeolites. The extension of the pressure range reduces the isotherm variations that are often seen with surface area measurements of adsorptive like nitrogen.

New Hi-AC technology benefits all users who require absolute precision in the measurements and are analysing a wide variety of adsorptives. The calculations involved require the use of Micrometrics technology with real gas properties of the sample and the Hi-AC development features the precision fluid properties developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, combined with high free-space control, the real gas equation of state, and compensation for the dynamic void space.

Furthermore, the surface area measurement equipment also includes the largest library of adsorptive properties of any commercial analyser gas adsorption analyser. This means users can select new probe molecules quickly and easily without having to find fluid property data. Furthermore, Micrometrics pioneered the use of DFT/NLDFT in commercial lab instruments and the latest library includes more than 20 models covering a range of materials, geometries and adsorptive. These means operatives can select a model that best describes their material.

The ASAP 2020 HD surface area analyzer also provides new low pressure desorption capabilities, which is of huge benefit to material scientists who synthesise materials that exhibit adsorbed phase changes during desorption, such as metal organic frameworks and small pore zeolites. This provides greater resoltion for these "breathable" samples.

Finally, the surface area measurement equipment upgrades the chemisorption option with proprietary temperature control. By including Micrometrics proprietary temperature control algorithms, benefits are seen across the entire temperature range with rapid and precise control. Even near ambient temperatures, the environment is stabilised.

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:33:33