Scientific Freezer

Storing a wide range of samples in a scientific freezer from Panasonic is easy and secure. The range of Vacuum Insulated Panel (VIP) equipment offers Ultra-Low Temperature (ULT) storage to -86 degrees C and includes new features such as added sample security and condition monitoring.

VIP technology

Panasonic was the first company in the world to produce scientific freezers with VIP technology. It halves the insulation thickness required and provides more efficient insulation, resulting in smaller footprint lab freezers. This means up to 30% more storage space without the equipment taking up more room in labs, so researchers can freeze the required number of samples without compromising on work space.

Coolsafe compressors

Panasonic ULT lab freezers also feature specially designed Coolsafe compressors, which offer unmatched reliability and performance and produce less heat and noise than before, putting the lab freezing equipment at the top of the world market.

Coolsafe compressors achieve a 10% higher energy conservation than compressors on previous models, boosting the eco credentials of scientific freezers. The aerodynamically-designed and placed components in the refrigeration compartment give better airflow, meaning it is possible to significantly reduce the stress to the freezer, giving excellent durability and reliability.

Lab freezer sizes

There are three models available in the ULT VIP scientific freezer range from Panasonic, each offering superb performance and usability.

The MDF-U33V has a 333 litre capacity, making it great as a personal storage unit. The MDF-U54V is mid-range at 519 litres and the MDF-U74V has an impressive 728 litre capacity, so is perfect for high-use situations. All have vastly reduced footprints compared to traditionally insulated ULT freezer models, meaning labs can benefit from the technology and quality of Panasonic lab freezers without losing valuable space.

Features and extras

All Panasonic ULT VIP laboratory freezer products feature a status alert condition monitor to alert operators of potential problems before they arise, alongside a full alarm system. They have insulated inner doors to prevent cool air leakage and a rugged outer door latch and padlock facility for maximum security, as well as a large, easy to read control panel.

Multiple inner doors and circular recorders and CO2 and N2 back-up systems are available. Lab freezer storage can be enhanced still further with custom-designed sample storage inventory racks and storage bins.

Date added: 2015-05-25 10:57:40