Sample Exhauster with Cyclone separator - available only with FRITSCH Cutting Mills

Fritsch's new Cyclone separator offers users powerful pressure vacuum functionality in a one of a kind sample exhauster which provides an easier way to feed samples and allows for more rapid sample throughput with effective cooling. This instrument offers capabilities not available in sample exhausters which do not feature Fritsch's proprietary Cyclone separator technology; for instance, the system prevents the escape of samples while being fed into the instrument as well as advanced capabilities like grinding heterogeneous mixtures, something which is a common issue and something that users in the cement industry have to overcome.

This isn't the only feature which you'll find only in Fritsch cutting mills with the Cyclone separator. It's exceptionally easy to clean, since the grinding chamber can be opened quickly and easily without the need for any tools, unlike other cutting mills. All of the parts in the chamber can be removed in a matter of seconds for cleaning, saving the user a great deal of time and effort so you can get back to the job at hand.

Fritsch cutting mills are ideal for comminution of fibrous and tough materials as well as sample materials ranging from soft to medium hardness - something which many users in the textiles, plastics, chemistry, food and beverage and many other industries have come to rely on these industry leading cutting mills for.

Easy to use, easy to clean and offering the optimal airflow you need to prevent overheating during high speed grinding and avoid clogging, Fritsch cutting mills with the unique Cyclone separator are a long lasting, stable and high performance solution for a wide variety of different comminution needs. Grinding parts made from different materials and in different cutting geometries are available to make these cutting mills the perfect solution for the demands of your applications.

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:12:59