Rotor Mill From Fritsch - The P-14 For Reliable Milling

The need for size reduction in polystyrene for molds is clear, and the products of choice to achieve size reduction and milling of materials is from Fritsch, a company dedicated to milling and size reduction products.  Their new Fritsch P-14 milling machine is the top choice of any materials laboratory.

Special air-cooling and scientifically designed impact blades make for precision milling of delicate products.  A sieve system, which is fully adjustable to any size needed, is useful for the size reduction of polystyrenes, Styrofoams, or other plastics, as well as any material needing precision milling.

A variable speed motor is excellent for the precise fast or slow milling required for different substances, and the blades and sieve system work together for high profile grinding.  Other heat sensitive materials such as styrenes, polyesters, and special resins can be ground at precision speeds, especially when treated first with liquid nitrogen, which is cold enough to cause the materials to become brittle.

Computer control adds to the precision, and an interface for quality control personnel can achieve excellence in any laboratory.  This precision instrument is invaluable to any materials research and design lab, and it is so versatile, it may be necessary to have many on your bench top.  The small footprint and easy to use interface makes this a world champion grinding and milling platform.

The Fritsch P-14 is the most reliable of any grinding or milling need, and the name of a company dedicated to the materials handling of any laboratory.

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:05:52