Bruker Nano Analytics

Bruker Nano Analytics

About Bruker Nano Analytics...

Bruker is a name synonymous with high quality scientific instrumentation and endeavour across many areas of activity. For over 50 years they have been at the forefront of a wide range of applications - from superconductors to spectrometers - and have always responded and adapted to the changing technological landscape to best serve their customers in the science community.

As part of that continual rejuvenation, in 2010, Bruker AXS Microanalysis GmbH, a limited company under the Bruker ‘umbrella' was renamed Bruker Nano GmbH. Not just a cosmetic alteration, the change acknowledged just how important the various fields of nanotechnology are becoming to the company, both for the application of their existing equipment, and for the development of new instrumentation. It was a realignment of their thinking and announcement of their future strategic planning.

By this action, Bruker Nano GmbH have reaffirmed their continued commitment to their world-renowned products such as the QUANTAX CrystAlign, one of the simplest-to-use but most effective electron backscattor diffraction EBSD analysis systems available, and the QUANTAX EDS for SEM and TEM; one of the most powerful systems available for energy dispersive X-ray microanalysis.

Similarly, they pledged that there will be continued innovation of the type that led to the introduction of the M4 TORNADO, a vacuum micro-XRF spectrometer with unprecedented speed and accuracy for the non-destructive, elemental microanalysis on both solid and liquid samples.

It looks like ‘Bruker Nano' will be getting bigger, by thinking smaller!