Metrohm UK Ltd

Metrohm UK Ltd

About Metrohm UK Ltd...

Metrohm UK is a relatively new development, being founded in 1995; though the history of the company goes back all the way to 1943 when it was started by Dr Bertold Suhner and Willy Struder in Herisau, Switzerland. In the early years of the company,  Metrohm produced precision potentiometers, resistors and even radios!

However, Metrohm soon decided on a new direction and by 1948, the company had shifted the focus of its design, development and manufacturing to instruments for chemical analysis. In the last six decades, Metrohm has grown from a small business into a multinational company with 90 distributors, more than 30 subsidiaries located around the world and manufacturing facilities in Switzerland, the Netherlands and Germany.

The company remains true to its mission to deliver ion analysis technologies to its customers in the areas of titration (especially Karl Fisher titration),  voltammetry analysis (CVS and trace analysis) and ion chromatography.

The Metrohm ethos includes producing the highest quality instruments which provide customers with the best value, which is why the company continues to produce its high specification instruments at its primary manufacturing facility in Switzerland. This is where Metrohm furthers new chemical analysis technologies, continually working to reduce the cost to the customer with more compact and efficient designs.

Metrohm believes that only a properly trained staff of sales, service and support personnel can provide their customers with the world class support and service they deserve. To this end, Metrohm trains all of these staff members in their Swiss facility, educating personnel on the entire product range. This ensures that all of the company’s analytical system customers receive only the highest level of support, something Metrohm considers an integral part of its products; a difference which sets the company apart in the scientific instruments industry.