PULVERISETTE 4 Vario-Planetary Mill for Greater Grinding Control

A ball mill is designed for grinding materials into fine powders. A ball mill rotates around a horizontal axis and contains the material to be ground and the grinding medium, usually in the form of stainless steel or ceramic balls. The cascading effect upon turning reduces the material to a powder.

A planetary ball mill is generally smaller than a ball mill and varies in having the grinding bowl rotating and eccentrically mounted on a rotating support disc. The overlapping of the grinding bowls and the supporting disc produces impact and frictional forces between the sample to be ground and the grinding balls, which is defined by the transmission ratio.

The result is a greater degree of size reduction than is found in conventional ball mills. In contrast to both the above, the PULVERISETTE 4 from Fritsch is a vario-planetary mill that can produce results that surpass conventional mills because of the degree of control exerted over the various components involved in the grinding process.

Both grinding bowl and supporting disc rotational speeds can be adjusted totally independently of each other. This allows the transmission ratio to be varied, which in turn controls the trajectories and movements of the grinding balls to produce a variety of different energetic events: high energy impacts against the wall, high friction collisions and centrifugal effects as balls roll down the inner wall.

In practice this means that when particles with diameters < 10 mm provide the starting material, a final fineness up to 0.1 µm can be produced.  The useful capacity is between 2 x 30 ml for 80 ml grinding bowls or 2 x 125 ml with 250 ml grinding bowls. Plus the greater flexibility means that results can be produced which are not possible with other types of ball mills. It is also possible to specifically adjust the mill to the material to be ground in conjunction with the particular grinding balls and bowls.

The PULVERISETTE 4 classic line vario-planetary mill from Fritsch also features real-time displays of the grinding parameters with an easy interface for programming and to transfer grinding parameters to the PC. It also allows simultaneous grinding in two large bowls or four small bowls with easy, secure, bowl fastening and quick cleaning options.

The PULVERISETTE 4 vario-planetary mill is therefore the ideal mill for a number of applications, such as alloying or mechanical activation, providing flexibility and performance in one superbly designed package.

Date added: 2015-05-25 12:23:56